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Sharon Lockhart: Films
May 22, 2003 | Filmmuseum Munich

Sharon Lockhart explores the boundaries of photography and moving images. The Filmmuseum presents a selection of Sharon Lockhart's films held by Sammlung Goetz. They range from her earliest to most recent works.

The immediate experience of time is one of the central aspects in Sharon Lockhart's films. By connecting her camera to a tripod, she defines a fixed frame in which everyday actions take place. The content of her films is often related to her ethnographic interests. Many of her works, for example Teatro Amazonas, develop in close connection with her photographs.
Lockhart comes from the Structural film tradition of the 1960s and 1970s. The series in the Filmmuseum conveys insights into her conceptual approach. Her most recent film NO, which records a Japanese couple working in a field in a quiet landscape, celebrates its European premiere.

Sharon Lockhart (born in 1964 in Norwood, US, lives and works in Los Angeles, US).

Khalil, Shaun, A Woman Under The Influence, 1994
Goshogaoka, 1998
Teatro Amazonas, 1999
NO, 2003 (European premiere)