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Mona Hatoum
November 21, 2011 – April 5, 2012 | Goetz Collection

„I want the work in the first instance to have a strong formal presence, and through the physical experience to activate a psychological and emotional response.“
Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum’s work explores the various ways in which the human body interacts with and relates to the world, in all its vulnerability and the institutional constraints to which it is subjected. Her sophisticated and often paradoxical portrayals of these phenomena address the viewer first and foremost on a sensory level, triggering feelings of dismay, fascination, fear and loathing – or even a mixture of these. Her multi-faceted, complex and aesthetic works involve a constantly recurring repertoire of forms, structures and methods. At the beginning of her career as an artist, in the early 1980s, she worked mainly in the field of performance art. Some of her performances are documented on video or have been integrated into new video works. They are, for the most part, hard-hitting, accusatory and politically charged. Her recent works tend to convey a more universal message in an abstract way, while at the same time clearly showing what an unpleasant and unrelenting place the world we live in can be. The exhibition presents works from various periods of her artistic career.

Mona Hatoum (born 1952 in Beirut, Libanon) lives and works in London and Berlin.