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Take the Subway U4 to "Richard-Strauss-Straße". Change here for bus # 188 (direction Unterföhring, Fichtenstraße) to bus stop "Bürgerpark Oberföhring".

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Information on the Structure of Sammlung Goetz

Concept and Structure

The Sammlung Goetz is an internationally renowned collection of contemporary art located in Munich, Germany. The building that houses the exhibition space was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and completed in 1993. The development of the collection began from the mid-1980s on with structured collecting. Since then, it has concentrated on Arte Povera, contemporary art of the respective age as well as works by selected artists. Global art currents are actively and critically observed; likewise, the Sammlung Goetz artistic holdings are continually increased. Parallel to its attention to recent art, Sammlung Goetz continually supplements and completes work groups of artists already represented in the collection.
The Sammlung Goetz promotes media diversity in today’s artistic forms of representation. In addition to drawings, graphics, paintings, photographs and room-based installations, one of the collection’s main focuses is ‘time-based media’ such as video, film and multiple projections.

Museum Expansion

In order to adequately show media works in Sammlung Goetz own rooms, which previously featured only the classical skylight situation, the building’s exhibition space was expanded in 2001. At first, only one presentation room for films and videos was added: the Filmbox. In 2004, the space for such activities was nearly doubled by the addition of a multifunctional area without skylights and with sophisticated projection equipment, BASE103. Exhibitions held in only one of these areas are correspondingly specified in our archive.

Storage, Preservation, Loans

The Sammlung Goetz is fully aware of the significance of adequate storage, careful restoration and the preservation of artworks for future generations. Not only does the collection have its own storage rooms that meet the varying climatic needs of the different media, the works are continually subject to evaluation of their condition by restorers and conservators. The collection places special value on the storage and long-term backup of media data on film, Betacam and hard drives. International discussions and methods concerning improvements in art storage and preservation technology are conscientiously followed.
Careful maintenance of art is a prerequisite for making it accessible to the public as well as a responsibility when engaging in intensive loan activities. Written requests for loans are carefully reviewed in relation to aspects of conservation and rapidly decided on.


The Sammlung Goetz places high value on art-historical research on artists and documentation of artworks in the collection. The collection’s digital archive is based on its own history and includes a register of artwork illustrations. Intensive correspondence with artists and gallery owners ensures that all technical details concerning the artworks remain current and guarantees compliance with the often complex installation instructions.


From the beginning on, the development of a library has accompanied all other activities in the collection. The library holdings include monographs on all artists represented in the collection, a selection of international exhibition and group catalogs in which these artists were represented as well as catalogs of the holdings of major museums, galleries and other private collections. This reference library is available upon request for academic research.


As a rule, Sammlung Goetz realizes exhibitions from its holdings. These can be visited by prior appointment. Such exhibitions are frequently monographic work overviews developed in creative cooperation with the artists. All exhibits are accompanied by publications and supervised by Sammlung Goetz own press office. The Sammlung Goetz offers regular guided tours. Information on dates can be requested by telephone or obtained from the Newsletter. The Newsletter also provides information on Sammlung Goetz cooperative ventures with institutions throughout the world, which present parts of the collection’s extensive holdings in theme-based or solo exhibitions.

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