Polyedrische Raumstrukturen aus bunten Stäben

INTERIM Children's constructional workshops for the Sammlung Goetz on the road

The Sammlung Goetz is currently closed to visitors, or to be more precise, the exhibition building. But the works and the art program are still on the road, and we're going with them!



In the constructional workshops for the Sammlung Goetz on the road, we work at different locations in the city and take up the successful interplay of art and architecture in different stages and dimensions. This is what makes the Sammlung Goetz so special!

During the workshops, we move in terms of content:

- from the work of art itself

- to the art object in space

- to the space that becomes art itself.

Dates & Locations

Sat. 20.04.24, 10.00-12.30, Architekturmuseum der TU München
Sun. 09.06.24, 14.00-16.30, Fat Cat Munich
Sun. 07.07.24, 14.00-16.30, Deutsches Theatermuseum München 

The exact address will be sent to you upon registration.


For children aged 9 to 14 with an adult of their choice
Free of charge after registration: ichbaumit@gmx.de



A collaboration between the Sammlung Goetz and Enrica Ferrucci, architect / ichbaumit.com and Deutsches Theatermuseum München