Inspirations to recreate at home

We are pleased to present you our digital art education offer, which we have developed for our younger subscribers in cooperation with the art agency FILOMELE.

From now on we will send out at regular intervals a small inspiration for tinkering at home via newsletter and our social media channels. Step by step we will present a work from the Sammlung Goetz collection that can be easily recreated at home with everyday objects and packaging materials - there are no limits to your imagination! Let the artists of the Sammlung Goetz inspire you, get creative and create exciting works of art with our video tutorials! If you feel like it, send us your results afterwards by e-mail or post them in your social media channels.




The free video tutorials are suitable for children from 8 years of age and offer a playful and creative approach to contemporary art from the Sammlung Goetz. The digital art education offer is supported by the art foundation Ingvild and Stephan Goetz.

Inspired by...

...Hans Op de Beeck XMAS-Special

Story/design: Miriam Gniwotta

...Lane Twitchell

Story/design: Elli Hurst

...Cyrill Lachauer, part 4

Story/design: Elli Hurst

...Laurie Simmons

Story/Grafik: Miriam Gniwotta

...Cyrill Lachauer, part 3

Story/design: Stephanie Müller und Klaus Erika Dietl

...Sarah Lucas

Story/design: Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erika Dietl

...Cyrill Lachauer, part 2

Story/design: Ekaterina Skerleva

...Jessica Stockholder

Story/design: Stephanie Müller und Klaus Erika Dietl

...Peter Halley

Story/design: Miriam Gniwotta

...Rosemarie Trockel

Artwork: © Rosemarie Trockel/VG BILD-KUNST, Bonn; story/design: Stepahnie Müller and Klaus Erika Dietl

...Cyrill Lachauer

Story/design: Miriam Gniwotta

...Mimmo Rotella

Story/design: Elli Hurst

...Richard Tuttle

Story/design: Stehphanie Müller und Klaus Erich Dietl; music: Poddington Bear

...Jennifer Guidi

Story/design: Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erich Dietl; music: Poddington Bear

...Imi Knoebel

Story/design: Miriam Gniwotta

...Ellen Gallagher

Story/design: Elli Hurst

...Yayoi Kusama

Story/design/music: Stephanie Müller, Klaus Erich Dietl

...Hans Op de Beeck

Story/design/music: Klaus Erich Dietl, Stephanie Müller

...Lucy Dodd

Story/design: Miriam Gniwotta

...Katharina Grosse

Story/design: Elli Hurst

...Hans-Peter Feldmann

Story/design: Klaus Erich Dietl, music: Stephanie Müller

...Michael Buthe

Story/design/music: Stephanie Müller

...Michelangelo Pistoletto

Story/design: Elli Hurst

...Barbara Kasten

Story/design: Miriam Gniwotta