Imagination Becomes Reality Part I. Expanded Paint Tools

Imagination Becomes Reality
Part I. Expanded Paint Tools

Franz Ackermann, Jörg Sasse, Thomas Scheibitz, Tal R, Mathilde ter Heijne

Contributions by Ingvild Goetz, Rainald Schumacher; conversations between: Jan Seewald/Jörg Sasse, Rainald Schumacher/Thomas Scheibitz, Rainald Schumacher/Tal R, Stephan Urbaschek/Franz Ackermann, Stephan Urbaschek/Mathilde ter Heijne; appendix by Katharina Vossenkuhl; edited by Ingvild Goetz, Rainald Schumacher.

170 pages, 80 ill., hardcover
2005, Kunstverlag Ingvild Goetz GmbH, Hamburg
ISBN 3-9808063-5-9
€ 15,00

Available at Sammlung Goetz and in bookshops.

Exhibition: Imagination Becomes Reality. An exhibition cycle focusing on the pictorial understanding of current art, Part I: Expanded Paint Tools, Sammlung Goetz, Munich, June 27 – September 24, 2005.

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