Sarah Morris Screening Special

Free screening on the Sammlung Goetz website on Saturday, 12.06.2021, and Sunday, 13.06.2021

Colorful neon signs in Time Square. Motorcades pushing their way past the high-rise facades of Manhattan. Amid all this, crowds of people stream by, on their way to work, shopping, sightseeing. With her film Midtown (1998), Sarah Morris created a film portrait of Manhattan. It is the first in a series of city portraits in which the artist documents various forms of urban life in large American cities in an abstract, associative way. The Sammlung Goetz will be presenting Midtown for free on its website for the next installment of the Screening Special series on the weekend of 12-13 June.  

Sarah Morris
Single channel video installation (color, sound)
Sammlung Goetz, Media Art, Munich