STAY INSPIRED with Barbara Kasten

A conversation between the Sammlung Goetz and the artist about daily motivation and inspiration



What is your daily motivation, Barbara Kasten?

My motivation now is not much different than before. I've been fortunate to not have exhibitions cancelled. I have several projects that are in progress and so there is correspondence and planning that need on-going attention. My exhibition at the Sammlung Goetz in the Fall, 2021 is one of the projects I'm looking forward to. There is also an increased interest in online webinars. It's important to stay connected to the community however participation requires a great amount of time to prepare.

Where do you get your inspiration from in these days?

Inspiration for work during these days of Covid is much the same as before - research, the materials available and project specifics. However, I do spend more time looking through the many books in my library. It replaces some of the time I would normally spend in museums and galleries.

What are you currently working on?

I spent most of the summer creating 3 new artworks for my exhibition SCENARIOS at the Aspen Art Museum which opened on October 16 and continues until April 4, 2021. It was a rewarding challenge to do it over ZOOM with my assistant. I am at high risk because of my age so I have been avoiding in-person meetings. We have worked out a great system to continue working on physical, three dimensional sculptural artworks with architectural digital planning programs. It's a new and different approach from my past work but very satisfying to find a way to continue being creative. Making Art is the best remedy to stay sane during these drastic times!

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