Following the closing of the show Tutto. Perspectives on Italian Art, the Sammlung Goetz exhibition building will remain closed until the end of 2021 due to renovation work. The façade’s glass elements and the building’s technology will be refurbished and updated and the building’s fire protection engineering improved. The wooden elements on the facade were already renovated in 2018.

The Sammlung Goetz, however, is not the only museum structure in Munich that must close temporarily because of construction work. Roberta De Righi and Christa Sigg recently provided an overview of the situation in their article of 8 January 2020 published in the newspaper Abendzeitung.

The article made it clear that the refurbishment and renovation of public museums and exhibition houses is a difficult and lengthy process. This is because it is often not alone a question of structural repairs or restoration work, but also of meeting new standards. The importance of modern security was recently demonstrated by the theft of priceless jewels from the Green Vault in Dresden in November 2019.

We would like to discuss with you the consequences these changes will have on our existing structures as part of our Architecture and Art in Dialog event series, which is organized as a collaboration between the Sammlung Goetz, FILOMELE and guiding architects munich. In our next “walkshop” –  more than a tour and different from a workshop –  we will take a look behind the scenes and meet the museum directors on site.

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