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Sammlung Goetz

Michael Buthe and Ingvild Goetz. A friendship

Michael Buthe (1944-1994) was already a living legend. Much like a prince, the artist staged himself in his own fairytale world. Ingvild Goetz met Buthe in the 1970s and collected his work thereafter. With more than 40 paintings, objects, collages and works on paper and private photographs dating from 1968-1994, the retrospective exhibition at Sammlung Goetz provides insight into the friendship between the artist and collector.


"Art in itself is a religion. And I believe that artists really do have a priest-like function", Michael Buthe explained in an interview. He brought spirituality to art at a time when it was dominated by the conceptual, and he did not shy away from connecting his work with the opulence of the Orient and motives of kitsch. Adorned with feathers and dressed in flowing robes, he acted as a shaman in his performances and turned his exhibitions into mystical-magical works of art. Despite his early death, his companion, "Michel de la Sainte Beauté" - as he called himself ironically – has remained in our memories as a dazzling artistic personality.
Ingvild Goetz met Buthe, who led a nomadic life between the Rheinland and Morocco, in Cologne, and she later visited him in his studio in Marrakesh, becoming enchanted with his superordinate visual cosmos. The two were united in their curiosity of the unknown, their interest in foreign cultures and their yearning for spirituality in everyday life. Buthe even designed a meditation tower on Goetz’s private compound in Spain, which he solemnly inaugurated with a mystical ritual.
The exhibition in the Sammlung Goetz presents Michael Buthe in the full scope of his artistic career, beginning with his early minimalist drawings and objects from 1968/69 to his sculptural collages with feathers, plants and glossy paper, his large-format watercolors and his paintings adorned with silver and gold bronze, to his extensive portfolios from 199/94, which are on view to the public for the first time. The presentation is supplemented by documentary material and photographs from Ingvild Goetz’s personal photo album.

Curated by Karsten Löckemann


Michael Buthe und Ingvild Goetz – Eine Freundschaft

176 pages, 119 ill., softcover
2016, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-7757-4224-5
€ 35,00

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© Imi Knoebel/VG BILD Kunst, Bonn, photo: Thomas Dashuber

Imi Knoebel

Sammlung Goetz

Autumn/Winter 2021

The Sammlung Goetz honors the artist Imi Knoebel on the occasion of his 80th birthday with a retrospective exhibition. The entire spectrum of Knoebel’s artistic oeuvre will be presented, starting with his black and white photographs from the 1960s to his collages made of multicolored paper and his objects cast in concrete and ending with his most recent paintings in acrylic on aluminum. The presentation also includes Knoebel’s geometrical, minimalist works as well as his expressive paintings from the 1980s, which have rarely been shown until now.

© Barbara Kasten

Barbara Kasten. Works

Sammlung Goetz BASE 103

Autumn/Winter 2021

The American artist Barbara Kasten has created an impressive artistic oeuvre over her career spanning from the 1970s to the present. At the center of Kasten’s work are her abstract, geometric color photographs from the 1980s, which explore the interplay of light and dark and afford new spatial experiences. The Sammlung Goetz, which has extensive holdings of works by Kasten, is mounting the artist’s first solo exhibition in Europe in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. A selection of the extensive retrospective will be on view in the Sammlung Goetz in Munich.

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