Cyrill Lachauer reads his Sea Notes

Cyrill Lachauer’s autobiographical works are created during mythical-ritual hikes and alpine tours as well as on prolonged journeys to other continents. The artist immerses himself in the landscapes through which he travels, meeting those who live in them and learning about their cultures. For his next exhibition Cyrill Lachauer. I am not sea, I am not land, Sammlung Goetz in Haus der Kunst, Lachauer is currently developing a new multi-part installation, which includes films, videos and photographs and explores the idea of land in all its various forms.

Lachauer’s texts, which he composes during his long journeys, also tell of being on the road. The writings include notes, thoughts, observations and stories in which the experienced blends with the remembered and the imagined with what is told. Lachauer calls these texts Sea Notes. Since 2012 he has published these in an essay series at Flipping the Coin, a Berlin label dedicated to artistic practices situated at the interface of art and music.

Cyrill Lachauer designed a five-part reading of his Sea Notes as an interlude for us, in which he reads the five issues that have been published thus far, beginning with NR5 from 2017. In the present situation, in which we have had to spend much time at home in a concerted effort to reduce the further spread of the coronavirus and have been forced to reflect upon ourselves, these texts open a window to another world.

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