STAY INSPIRED with Jessica Stockholder

A conversation between the Sammlung Goetz and the artist about daily motivation and inspiration



How do you deal with this now looser situation of the Covid-pandemic, Jessica Stockholder?

I’m very happy that people are beginning to be in less danger from the virus as the rates of vaccination slowly increase. I’m very aware that I’m lucky to be living in a place that is opening up a little; and it is a pleasure to see more of the world again - art shows, and people! That said, I enjoyed the slower pace of life over the past year. It is remarkable how connected one can be to the world through the web. And I let immense pleasure from tending to the small things in life just outside my door. Going for walks and noticing the seasons change.

What challenges do you continue to face and where do you draw inspiration from?

I continue to grapple with what it means to be human! And, that effort never ceases to provide inspiration. It is that question that draws me to exploring edges: the edges between colors, between the art work and its context, between the artwork and our bodies, between one artwork and another…

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