Irregular surface shimmering in dark blue and green tones, reminiscent of a body of water or a wave. In the background is an orange-red-purple gradient, similar to a sunrise or sunset.
Sammlung Goetz Unter Deck

Pleasure Beach

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, clubs in Munich have been largely closed. A melancholic mood has set in, and we wonder if and when we will be able to party like we used to. The Sammlung Goetz uses this situation as an opportunity to present a selection of videos and installations by artists whose work explores club culture from the 1980s to the 2000s.

The focus is not only on different musical genres, dance styles and fashions; questions of sexuality, gender and identity are also considered. Young adults and teenagers in particular test and exceed limits during wild club nights, fueled by the sound, the intoxication and the community. The Sammlung Goetz presents the artworks in Unter Deck, a club in Munich established in 2013. Its walls are covered with inscriptions and graffiti, and its worn, imitation leather sofas and scratched up bar counters testify to long club nights, evoking memories of better times.

Curated by Cornelia Gockel

The exhibition opening is supported by

Aqua Monaco

Accompanying program to the exhibition

Sankt-Jakobs-Platz, Unter Deck

Architecture and Art in Dialogue

Architecture and art around Sankt-Jakobs-Platz

Münchner Stadtmuseum, Sammlung Goetz Unter Deck

Dialogue Tour NACHTS / Pleasure Beach

A foray through the night from Atomic Café to Unter Deck with curators Ursula Eymold and Christoph Gürich (NACHTS) and Cornelia Gockel (Pleasure Beach).

Sammlung Goetz Unter Deck

Curator Tour

Cornelia Gockel, curator of the Pleasure Beach exhibition, reports on the background of the unusual cooperation project and explains how the exhibited works were created.

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2. edition: 2006, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern
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