This work is made of a white cotton fabric, printed with a silkscreen pattern of a woman. This red figure wears a headscarf and a dress and holds a sickle in her raised hand and a hammer in her lower hand.
Sammlung Goetz

Rosemarie Trockel

„Art, fine art, is just as much a question of aesthetics as it is a question of freedom. Rosemarie Trockel's work is above all an intensive plea for this freedom.“ (Ingvild Goetz)

Rosemarie Trockel became known for her pictures of stove burners and her knitted images. Her choice of materials is a conscious nod to the traditional female role in the home environment. Trockel does not knit her images herself, but has them knitted by a knitting computer based on her designs. She often weaves in political symbols, brand-name articles and trademarks. This procedure raises questions about the socio-political position of art and the role of the artist.

Rosemarie Trockel's extensive and many-sided oeuvre, which includes objects, images, installations and videos as well as many drawings, is one of Sammlung Goetz's main focuses. This solo exhibition will present over 80 works created over the past 25 years. The presentation and selection of the works are developed in close cooperation with the artist.

Her most recent work, which was just completed for this exhibition, is the video film Manus Spleen IV (2002). It is part of a cycle of short video projections about a young woman named Manu. In Manus Spleen IV, she takes on the role of Mutter Courage. A double of Brigitte Bardot makes an appearance as a supporting actress. In various works, Trockel has subjected actresses and fashion icons of the 1960s to closer examination. From this work complex, Sammlung Goetz shows a display cabinet work Ohne Titel (1993), the video Fan 1-6 (2000) and a series of drawings.

Rosemarie Trockel

136 pages, 136 Ill., hardcover
2002, Kunstverlag Ingvild Goetz GmbH, Hamburg
ISBN 3-9808063-0-8
€ 20,00

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Rosemarie Trockel linen hardcover

136 pages, 136 ill., hardcover
2002, Kunstverlag Ingvild Goetz GmbH, Hamburg
€ 50,00
Limited edition of 150

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A Change of Scenery. Artist-designed Wallpapers from the Sammlung Goetz

| Neues Museum Nürnberg

The collaborative project between the Sammlung Goetz and the Neues Museum Nürnberg offers an exciting interplay between interior and exterior space. In the museum’s six façade rooms, the two institutions present wallpapers designed by artists represented in the Sammlung Goetz. Most of the works were created in the context of earlier large-scale installations and have now been adapted to the new space in Nuremberg.

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