Detail of a stage set showing the statue of a praying funeral angel in the midst of living room furniture. On his face is one half of an orange football. Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch, Sammlung Goetz Munich
Kammerspiele München, Rehearsal Stage

Ryan Trecartin. Premise Place (edit 1)

The Los Angeles based artist Ryan Trecartin belongs to a new generation of artists who grew up with the Internet. In his video films he depicts the accelerated present in the age of omnipresent media. In cooperation with the Sammlung Goetz, the Munich Kammerspiele present the European premier of Trecartin’s large-scale multimedia installation The Premise Place (edit 1) from 2009.

Ryan Trecartin challenges the viewers with super-fast cuts, accelerated sound and changing characters and sets. The outlandishly made up, continuously chatting actors recall self-promoters on YouTube and in cheap television casting shows. Although the films resemble improvised amateur videos on the Internet, Trecartin wrote the screen play for each of them. Felix Rothenhäusler now ventures for the first time in staging one of these scenarios in a play at the Kammerspiele. The Re'Search, the title of a complex language artwork, goes beyond the boundaries of gender, class and race. Ryan Trecartin’s text collage appears in parallel as a bilingual edition published by Merve-Verlag.
In the context of this experiment, on the rehearsal stage of Kammer 3 the Sammlung Goetz presents the artist’s 7-channel multimedia installation The Premise Place (edit 1) (2009), which includes the film The Re'Search. The installation serves as an accessible backdrop into which Trecartin integrates the seven films on flat screens as well as props from his films as sculptural elements.

Curated by Leo Lencsés


A Change of Scenery. Artist-designed Wallpapers from the Sammlung Goetz

| Neues Museum Nürnberg

The collaborative project between the Sammlung Goetz and the Neues Museum Nürnberg offers an exciting interplay between interior and exterior space. In the museum’s six façade rooms, the two institutions present wallpapers designed by artists represented in the Sammlung Goetz. Most of the works were created in the context of earlier large-scale installations and have now been adapted to the new space in Nuremberg.

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