New Visitor Web App

Sammlung Goetz’s Web App is an exciting new digital mediation platform that enables users to experience art with all their senses. Content, which is tailored to specific target groups, accompanies the Collection’s exhibitions in its own exhibition building in Munich-Oberföhring, as well as in its cooperation locations. An added value to the exhibition experience is thus created by optimally supplementing analog exhibition content digitally.


Core objectives

The goal of this Web App is to provide flexible and barrier-free access to art. The available content is intended to offer visitors a personalized enjoyment of art and to encourage them to explore the presented topics and content in greater depth.

At the exhibition sites, Web App users can experience the exhibition content in various ways. This begins with the choice of language (German and English as well as easy-to-understand language and sign language) followed by a selection between the mediation levels “text - audio – video.”

A digital map provides an overview of the exhibition rooms and an orientation through the presentation. Additionally, the exhibition can be accessed via the wall and room texts.

Special tours, which include the presentation and description of works as well as audio and video tracks, offer extra insight into the exhibition themes and the history of both the collection and the exhibition building’s architecture. Interactive formats for children and young people are also available.

As simple as possible, as complicated as necessary

Thanks to Web App’s diverse and low-barrier options, visitors can decide for themselves which educational offerings—both on-site and off-site—they wish to use. During the development of this Web App, particular attention was paid to its intuitive usability by employing familiar graphic elements and proven technical aids.

The Web App’s content is developed by the Sammlung Goetz staff. Users are invited to provide feedback and to like and share their favorite content on social media channels.


The Web App was created in the context of the (2022-2024) funding program of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts and is being designed and further developed in collaboration with experts from the digital agency Format D in Munich.

To guarantee the highest quality standards, the Web App can always be adapted to the content and locations of the respective exhibitions thanks to its scalability and agile usability. User analyses also enable Web App’s targeted further development.

Note regarding the Web App in the current exhibition

This Web App is the Sammlung Goetz’s first prototype and is being used in the cooperation exhibition (Not) A Doll’s House at the Münchner Stadtmuseum. Please note that, in the early days of the exhibition, not all of the Web App’s content will be available on a one-to-one basis but will be added gradually throughout the show’s duration; this also applies to the offerings in sign language, the video tour and the interactive formats for children and young people.