The fourth segment of Cyrill Lachauer’s reading is now online!

During the temporary closure of the Sammlung Goetz exhibition Cyrill Lachauer. I am not sea, I am not land presented in Haus der Kunst, the artist takes us on a series of journeys in his five-part reading of his Sea Notes, engaging us while we are confined to our homes. Lachauer’s readings include reflections, observations and stories, which tell of being on the road and in which the real and imagined intermingle. In this latest, fourth part of the reading, the artist takes us on a trip to America’s west coast. He relays tales of encounters with drug-dealing family fathers, messengers of the gods on BMX bikes and bear hunters in the Grand Canyon. In short, concise sentences, Lachauer mercilessly outlines the contradictions of Western society, but not without empathy for his protagonists.

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