Past workshops

Since 2015, a diverse range of educational services for children and young adults, as well as school and special needs classes have accompanied the Sammlung Goetz’s exhibition program. The workshops were thematically oriented around the respective exhibition program and offered participants a playful, creative approach to exploring contemporary art. In cooperation with the educators of the art agency FILOMELE, exciting projects have been realized in recent years.



FILM IT! City, River, Land

In the media workshop FILM IT! City, River, Land dealt with the topic of "land" in various forms. The artist Cyrill Lachauer demonstrated this in the exhibition Im not sea, I'm not land: land can mean home and give roots, it can be a nurturing piece of land, but it can also lead to inclusion and exclusion as an idea of nation...

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2019 – 2020

HIDE IT! What lies hidden under your painting surface?

In the workshop HIDE IT!, which accompanied the exhibition Tutto. Perspectives on Italian Art, the young participants had the opportunity to look behind the canvas and experiment with it. What can be hidden under it; how can you change the image surface; and how do you simultaneously create space for enigmatic pictorial objects? These questions and many more were explored by the kids in the workshop. There were no limits to their imagination - because, as the results show, everything was possible with Tutto!

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FILM IT! #at night

Our media workshop FILM IT! entered its second round: The exhibition At Night. Between Dream and Reality gave participants an opportunity to explore nocturnal experiences using their smart phone cameras to create their own art films. With the help of light, shadow, non-colors, sound and various materials, the teenagers were able to stage fantasy worlds, daydreams, dark night films or night-walking clips and post them on social media.

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FORM IT! Design your own art object!

The third part of our anniversary exhibition Generations. Female Artists in Dialogue, Part 3 contained many mysterious objects to discover: a stopped clock, an anonymous book wall, rag dolls, a wild dragon and many more. This was inspiration enough for the workshop participants to create their own enigmatic art objects using putty, Styrofoam, paper, cotton balls and nylon stockings. Their imagination was limitless!

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2018 – 2019

FILM IT! Make your own art film!

We started the first media workshop in 2018 in the context of the exhibition Generations. Female Artists in Dialogue, Part 2 in cooperation with Haus der Kunst. Workshop participants were inspired by the media works in the show and then became the directors of their own art films. Everything was shot using a smartphone, naturally!

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BOOK IT! Design your own artist book!

Generations. Female Artists in Dialogue Part 2 was filled with color: stamps, spray paint, glitter, wool and many other materials were the focus of the works in the show. Inspired by this visual diversity, the young participants created their own small sketchbook, diary or artist book in the workshop BOOK IT.

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Period. Period. Comma, dash - That's how I design!

Dashes, lines, triangles, spheres: The exhibition  FarbRaumKörper (ColorSpaceForm) was very geometrical! In the related workshop, participants were inspired by the shapes and colors from the presented works, which they animated on their bodies. Bags and jewelry were created and imaginatively presented by their makers!

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Pop up, avaf!

In the workshop, our young visitors had the opportunity to narrate their own imaginative stories and stage them in a pop-up theater. Based on the trendy visual worlds of the artist collective assume vivid astro focus (avaf), to which Sammlung Goetz had devoted an exhibition in BASE 103, the young participants built their own three-dimensional model and performed on their colorful stage.

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I, simply fantastic!

Magical beings and mystical figures accompanied the artist Michael Buthe in his work. In the workshop, the young participants could discover which mystical creature they were and create their own fantastic poster using Buthe’s same variety of materials.

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2015 – 2016

Be a star!

Which musical star are you? Canadian artist Rodney Graham asked himself just that, because Graham is also a talented musician, who played in different music bands. In his photographies he took over different roles from a country singer to a rock star. In the workshop, the youngsters were able to find out which star was hidden inside them and design their own record cover.

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The world is upside down!

A dark box, a lens and a mirror: that’s all you need to take a picture yourself. In the Sammlung Goetz’s holiday workshop, the young participants built their own “camera obscura” and photographed their surroundings like the Canadian artist Rodney Graham, to whom the Sammlung Goetz had dedicated an exhibition.

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Who is Cindy and who are you?

Under the motto Who is Cindy and who are you?, in 2015 we started our first educational program in the context of the Cindy Sherman exhibition. Inspired by the way the American artist creates her artworks, our young visitors dressed up and staged themselves before the camera in the photo workshop and photographed themselves using the self-timer function.

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